Friday, September 16, 2005

Been slippin'......

on my postin'. I'm riding though. Wednesday was a good road ride with Howie for 35 miles or so. I got up yesterday and hit Comlara with Jon for 16 miles. Both rides felt pretty good. My road ride was surprisingly good considering I was on no sleep and had been eating terrible. I was anticipating a rough day, but despite the northernly wind, it went very well. Takin' it easy today. My legs are FLAT and have no spring today.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Comlara for the M, S & G race with the CORBA gang. I'll head over about 8, set up camp then help mark course. Hopefully I can sneak a ride in after that and relax the rest of the day. Sunday we'll bang out another race and start getting ready for the festival. I've been running ragged ths week getting stuff for the festival ready. It will all be worthit in the end though. Things are shaping up to be very successfull.

Next weekend is No Baloney. My registration has been sent, so I'm locked in. I'm really looking forward to it. I just have to make sure I stay hydrated and eat well this week. Hopefully I can sneak a couple rides in too!

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