Thursday, August 04, 2005

Great Job, Mike!!

Wow, Mike did a great job this past weekend at 24/9. He finished 5th out of 40 racers completing 17 laps for a total of 220 miles. I was so proud to be part of it. I have been telling him all along he has done the right things and trained smart. I had no doubts that he would be ready. It's just such a gamble though. You can be in top notch shape and it obnly takes one glitch in the system to stop you. I witnessed two guys who are animals in endurance racing each have to call it quits due to a bad stomach and a bad back. I really felt for both of them. Jeff and Paddy, good luck at the World's!!

The PAMBA/Proctor guys were awsome also finishing 5th, 22 laps. Bets Silzer took home a 2nd in the 12 hr solo womens and her husband Nick completed his first 12 hr. solo event. I was so happy and proud for all of them.

It was inspiring for me. I need something for motivation right now. I'm kicking around a few events to do for down the road, but I need one big one for next year to keep me motivated.

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Mike Howard said...

I couldn't do it with out MIdds ! is great having you there with Cindy.Pick something out for next year and focus on it and it's yours !