Friday, April 08, 2011

The Time is Now

Well, As I sit here typing this I feel like I'm stuck on a railroad track and the the Potowotomi Trail run is the train chugging at me. By this time tomorrow I am hoping to be well into my 3rd loop of the race, maybe even at midpoint of the whole thing. My 30 miler went well 2 weeks ago. Since then I feel like I have stuck to my plan dead on. I've really concentrated on recovery and fueling since then. I've spent many spare moments visualizing the race and how I might handle certain situations. On my last little run on Wednesday, my legs felt great! They were as snappy and fresh feeling as they have felt in a long time. Only time will tell.

This little journey started not long after I cut my arm. I think the whole brush with death thing sent me down this path. I've slept in a 2007 McNaughton Tshirt every night since I made the decision. "4/9/11" is written on my mirrors. It also ties into my sniper mentality. It's all about enduring, overcoming discomfort and obstacles but getting the job done at the end.

Stag and Milkman, couldnt do this without you guys. It makes me feel so much better knowing the two of you will be there for me tomorrow. Tiffers....You have had to put up with entirely too much of this nonsense. You stepped up and took on a lot when I got hurt and I reward you with "Hey, now I'm going to go train all the time so I can run 50 miles." You deserve much more, but I thank you for letting me chase my dreams and your undying support of every crazy thing I want to do. Love ya, Tiffers!

The time really IS now!

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