Sunday, September 06, 2009

New Race

I've been disapointed in the fact that we dont have any trail du's in the area. Some have popped up over the years, but none have ever really grabbed hold and stood the test of time and they were all before I was ever interested in them. Well, that has now changed. Wildlife Prairie state park is having one along with a tri in two weeks. It's extremely short notice, but I'm all in. The guy in charge of the park has big plans for the venue and its future and is wants to build it from nothing into our areas only XTerra event and he wants the transition to be fast. I'm actually going to assist in the development of the trails as far as laying them out. He has all the manpower, just needs some experienced opinions and eyes to make sure they are built to IMBA standards. The whole idea has drawn me back into the advocacy game a bit. The best part....about a ten minute drive from my house.

Massage appointment(s) this week and Comlara on Sunday. Hopefully then I'll be back to running a bit and can get myself as ready as possible for the du on the 19th. Then the 27th is my Farmdale MTB and Indy Park trail run. Got about 6 hrs of bike patrol in last night and felt ok. Hopefully I can sneak a couple short trail rides in at some point this week. Might even slide over to Comlara one morning.

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