Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's A Go

Looks like I will be doing the WPP Du on Saturday. My hamstring is feeling ok a of now as well as my back. I'm going for a short ride tomorrow at Jubilee around the grassy prarie and a very short brick on Friday. Nothing I do right now is going to prepare me for the race, it's more of just a systems check at this point. How do I expect to do? I expect to finish and free my mind a bit. I expect it to reignite my fire and I expect to promote and be part of a race that I think will lead to better things in the future. That's all this race is about to me right now. That's really all on of my races are about right now. Next year is next year and I'll focus on those when the time comes. My remaining races are simply about jump starting my training for next year and put me in a good place when this season winds down.

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