Saturday, June 20, 2009

One More Week...Back To Racin'

So here we are, one week out from the Jubillee race. I was hoping to be more prepared by now, but we'll go with what we've got. The key is to just ready myself as best I can this week and be smart. I'm not gonna get any faster this late in the game so its a matter of balancing prepping and staying as fresh as I can. I'm not planning on anything over 90 minutes this week except for a trail sweep/clearing day to help get the course ready. I just ordered a new pair of shorts from Hammer for the race and I'll steadily get the bike cleaned up and tuned for the race.

Howie and I walked the course today removing dead fall from the recent storms and made notes of trouble spots we need to hit before the race. If we stay dry we'll be in good shape. It's gonna be important for a few of us to walk the course this week and do some pruning and grooming to get it ready. In the past, I'd always prided myself with how well our courses had been prepped for the races. This year wont be any different. That's in part to the time that Howie and Betsy have put into it. Between the two of them, a modern miracle has been pulled off in getting the park where it needs to be. Now we just need some help from Mother Nature.

It's an exciting time. I have a lot of races coming up soon. I also should hear something about the bike team at work this week. I want on it so bad and I've waited for a long time to get my chance. Plus, it'll be fun to make money doing two things at once I love to do. Can't really top that!

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