Thursday, November 29, 2007

Almost Done

This time next week I'll be a graduate from the police training institute here in Champaign. By then I'll be all geeked up about starting my FTO program on the 10th and actually hitting the streets. The last 12 weeks have been long at times, but overall it has went fast. I'm just anxious to get up out of here and sleep in my own bed for more than a weekend.

Many have asked.......getting tazed sucks! I took it in the back along my beltline. It was the longest 5 seconds of my life, without question. It's hard to describe except it feels like you are taking a jackhammer to the spine.

More later, gotta go.


big bro said...

Hoo Rah, lil bro. jeff

mattonne said...

Jack hammer to the spine? Hell I feel like that all the time...he he

Mike Howard said...

Good to see ya Saturday ! Hey Jeff, your little brother looks mean and lean and ready to hit the streets ! let me know when your back in town for good Midz.