Saturday, January 21, 2006

Mission Accomplished!

Well, I got my 2nd run in for the week this morning. I had already got my two bikes in (3 if you count my urban on Sunday). My runs were better than expected. I was hoping for 27 minute runs and instead got 30 on for both. Both runs felt good and I should have no problems bumping to 33 minute runs next week. I wish I had felt better on the bike, but it's just going to take some saddle time to get my body used to it again. It will come, I just need to be patient. So next week is the same, I need two bikes and two runs. Tuesday will have to be an off day for me I think since I promised a certain someone a hockey game. My bike days will have to be Wedneday and Saturday and run days on Monday and Thursday. I might try and sneak a run in on Friday morning as well.

The DSO concert is tomorrow night. Should be a good time. I'll try and take some pictures. I think we might do pretty well and bring in some decent coin for the club.

Hoping to get in touch with CIC this weekend to pick up my new bars, stem and wheels I'm buying off him for the Black Bitch, my mtb. I'm going with 36 spoke wheels, a shorter stem and beefier Azonic bars. These urban rides are tearing my stuff up so I need the beefier stuff.

Tomorrow is Cheat Day!

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Mike Howard said...

Let me know how the concert goes Sunday night ! Keep up the running !