Thursday, January 26, 2006

Beefier Wheels Posted by Picasa

Well, there's the new parts for "BB". Can't wait to test them out Sunday at the Champaign urban ride. Should be fun.

As for me......bad week. The concert earrly screwed things up for me. Early to work Monday, trail meeting at Jubillee that night. Back to work Tuesday morning and took the Tiffster to a hockey game that night. Wednesday I realized that even if I worked out, I had no groceries and without the right stuff to eat, nothing else mattered so I went grocery shopping and then to work. FINALLY, I got a run in this morning. Went for 33 minutes. A little tougher than what they have been, but it still felt o.k. It was nice just to get a run in the books for the week. Hopefully another run tomorrow and a ride on Saturday.

Got my 39 tooth chainring today too so I can convert the Roubaix to a double. Howie can't accuse me of dropping into granny anymore that way. I'm off to work!

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