Saturday, January 01, 2005

Starting the engine

Well, this is going to be a journey. I stumbled across this while reading about the Race across Iowa on Jeff Kerkove's blog. I thought, "how cool is that?". So I decided to see what this was all about. As I got started it more or less started evolving into a journal type of thing. I figured in this form, ideas could be shared and discussed.

I am a C.S.C.S. and do have a little knowledge. Anyway, I have recently gotten back in the gym after a six month layoff of doing much of anything except gaining weight, around 20 pounds. The journey (I'll use that word a lot) starts now. Not because its the beginning of the year, I don't buy that resolutions garbage, it's just time.

I'm not expecting this to be anything special to anyone but me, but if I happen to learn or teach anything that helps out then I've gotten what I want out of this. Enjoy, critizece, comment whatever you feel. I have thick skin.

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